WordPress is a very versatile website builder and it is the platform we recommend all our service based businesses (even digital product businesses). It’s extremely flexible, easy to use and when you know how the ins and out of it works, it’s a wonderful tool, to build stunning, reliable and responsive websites. 

This course will cover all the things you need to know, in order to start your own web design business. We will have easy to follow guides (also for our non-tech people) so that you know, exactly how to design and build wordpress websites. 

No coding or prior knowledge to web design needed! 


In the introduction we go over WordPress, why we offer it (and why you should too), how to structure your proposals and how to design for wordpress websites. We will also discuss hosting, domains and emails.

We go over how to start a new website project and cover installation, custom fonts and setting up the basics. 

The fun part is building out the site. Here I will guide you through everything you need to know and cover all the elements needed for setting up a site for your client. We have work books that will give you hands-on experience.

Being mobile friendly is a must and an important aspect of building out any website. In this mobile we go over responsiveness best practices and I will show you how to edit for Mobile, tablet and desktop.

Launching your clients site is always exciting and here we go over what to expect and be aware of when launching a new site.

Maintenance is a great way to ensure that your clients website stays up to date and a great way to earn an extra monthly income. We go over how to stay on top of your wordpress websites via backups and upgrading plugins and so on.