Shopify is the best platform when it comes to ecommerce. Its scalability, reliability is unmatched. If you are a product based brand, Shopify is key to your succes! We have a lot of designers wanting to offer Shopify to their clients, but confused to how it works, how to design for it and how to manage their projects. No worries, in this fundamentals course, we give you all the information you need, in order to design beautiful and visually stunning websites to clients.

In the introduction we go over Shopify, why we offer it (and why you should too), how to structure your proposals and how to design for Shopify websites. We will also discuss hosting, domains and emails.

We go over how to start a new website project and cover installation, custom fonts and setting up the basics as well as starting your own Shopify Partners account, so that you can develop and manage your projects.

It’s always fun to build out the site. It’s one of the things we enjoy the most. In this module we look at the different themes, how to add custom fonts to a project (and how to use these). This course is for designers not wanting to learn how to heavy code, but how to get the most out of Shopify and start offering to clients.

Being mobile friendly is a must and an important aspect of building out any website. In this mobile we go over responsiveness best practices and I will show you how to edit for Mobile, tablet and desktop.

Launching your clients site is always exciting and here we go over what to expect and be aware of when launching a new site. We look at shipping, transferring the site to the client and what the client can expect.

In our course we have a master Shopify checklist, that guides you through the entire setup, design, build and launch. That way you know that you have looked at all aspects when it comes to designing the site.