You already have a Shopify website but it’s not generating the sales you were expecting. You tried to create a website that is on brand but there’s room for improvement. You are not really sure what kind of things that needs to change and you need someone with know-how of Shopify, to implement these changes. You don’t have the budget or time to start a new website from scratch.  If any of these sound true to you, then our Shopify Intensive is perfect for you. We spend two full days working on your site and optimising it for conversions.

Our Intensive package starts with conducting a website audit. We go over your site in detail and create our audit report. From this audit we will gain clarity on what parts of our website needs changing, optimising or other areas of improvement. We will go over all the points from this audit, during our 1:1 call together.

We have 1-2 hour long call together over Zoom during which we will go over the audit we have conducted for your website. We will also discuss your wishes for the new site and your pain points. We then put together an action plan on which areas we will focus on during our two day intensive work.

Everything we learned from our audit and from our call together we will implement during two full days. These days are fully reserved to focus on your site and we will get through as much as we can from our game plan. We will apply coding where needed and possible and once the site has been completed we will go over it together.

The process is simple. You purchase the Intensive here on our site. Once you have purchased it you will receive an email with a link to book the intensive days along with our questionnaire. We will need a week or two to complete the website audit and before we jump on our call to kickoff our intensive days.